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On 4 march 2006. was a ten year anniversary of the first coming back home. In the ornery of this anniversary was organized modesty celebration. As a first, citizens and their guests visited a monument of death solders of homeland war. After that they pay a visit Monument house.
After that for the all visitors, lunch was organized in the Hunting house, by the Protocol. For this occasion mayor of Drinić, Mr. Drago Kovačević, turned to guests, talking about memories of the first coming back, fazes of development and plans for the future. After him the next spokesman was the mayor of B. Petrovac, Mr. Dragan Kecman.
The guest at the anniversary also was members of a local authentic music group named by "RUNOLIST" (Edelweiss). They were clothing in peasant costume drawing with horse-drawn vehicle. They were singing as strong as they can, and that is why the whole Klekovača was singing with them. Members of this group are: the first voice Nikola Marinković, following voices: brothers Vlado and Dragan Ševo, Dragan Ćućuz, Miloš Trkulja, Duško Radulović and Slobodan Bosnić.
After the lunch they went back to Drinic. The view from the hill at Drinić never has been beautiful like that day.
For this anniversary year community of Drinić planning to finishing reconstruction of low-tension grid, asphalting roods as more as they can, constructing ski-lifts and two bungalows near the Hunting house...
... start with building a new hospital, finishing turret on the local church, expanding of industrial capacity...
In the honor of the anniversary, Mirko Mišo Romić, citizen from nearby village Bukovača, organized exhibition of his handwork. His peaces of art are made from boiled straw, wood, glue and dark linen. He made it during the long winter night and sometimes he earned some many selling it.

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