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Renewed primary school
Building of the local management
At the area of 1km or 1,5 km along the way that leads towards forestry, source of life of this people here, on the left and on the right side there is a line of functional and newly built objects with the renewed primary school, municipal building, municipal company, Health center, bank, post office, management building of the forestry “Oštrelj - Drinić”, pharmacy and at the end nicely built and nicely fitting in a orthodox church and the priest’s house across the street from the church. There is another new building where they keep police station, secretariat of the public defense and fighter’s organization (photo on the left up), as the weather forecast station, fire brigade, house of culture which are settled at the school area. In the very center of this small town there is a nice football field and a bus station with everyday lines for Banja Luka, Kikinda and other locations. Pavements and modern street lights, telephone lines and the water system, which beside Drinić supplies the next village Bukovača, show that Drinić is actually becoming more and more a small town. And if we state that here the number of domicile inhabitants is lower from the number of the engaged workers it is probably the great example of the fast development of Drinić.


Municipal company "UZOR"   Police station
Pharmacy   Doctor’s office with the permanently employed doctor who has the apartment on the upper floor of the center
The Health Center in Drinić has been built by the donation of the German humanitarian organization THW, first as the ambulance and later as the health center which has in its possession various consistencies of the health services.   Dental services on the very high level
Modern lab to analyze blood and urine   Beside two new ambulance vehicles, bigger and more modern health centers are available
Fire fighters always ready to intervene   Water station   Modern car service for yours needs
The 5100m of road in Drinić asphalted and the old roads are rebuilt. Drainpipes and surrounding along the roads rebuilt too. Value this project is 440 000KM. Community of Drinic gave part of at about 120 000KM and the other money for the project was from a credit line.
Meteorology station collecting dates about weather forecast everyday and send them to the Meteorology institute of RS. That is why citizens of RS and BiH have information about clime from this part of RS.
To a near point Srnetica (1305 m) there is the electricity, there is the antenna pole where Drinić has a mobile net available and the fixed (CLL) telephone lines and on the same pole they fixed a transmitter to receive the signal of the TV net of RS which covers the wider area of Petrovac municipality.
Street light   Gas station   The modern cafe, named "Kod brzog", is a popular meeting place of young people.
  This hard workings hosts in the center are building up an ecological house in a large log fitted in together in the old traditional way and almost forgotten type of building and with the very small windows in the same stile. Even though it has been finished, ecological house is not in function yet.  
  Sports terrain built near by primary school. Around the sports terrain there are many reflectors, that is make opportunity for playing different kind of sports during the nighttimes. The whole project was following by the Government of RS through the Development found, and the municipality of Drinić.  
  In the building of Forestry has recently opened branches Pavlovic Bank of Bijeljina. Valuable Slavica Dronjak with another clerk is available to citizens good service banking transactions. In the bottom picture shows the newly built fire station. In addition to the firefighters Drinic finally figure out, on the first floor is planned to open a small facility knitting garments in the attic will be apartments for staff.  

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