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The Virgin Forest protected area "Lom" is established at 1956. It is belong to mountain KLEKOVAČA, and it is western massif, named "Lom"- mountain. The Virgin Forest covers 297,8 ha. The core-zone takes (strongly protected area) 55,8 ha (Ia IUCN-category). It belongs to Public Forest Enterprise “Srpske šume”, State Forest Enterprise “Oštrelj” from Drinić (Petrovac Drinić municipality), and it is in area of Management Unit “Lom-Klekovača”, including forest compartments No 130-134, and 136 too.


The first ideas about virgin areas protection are very old, from 1905 (Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy). These kind intentions are the oldest on these countries area. When the virgin forest "Lom" was proclaimed as protected area, a Researching Station of Forestry Institut from Sarajevo was working in Drinić. It was in fifteenth. Although Drinić is just small village, there is Ecologic Society today, which is very active.


Vegetation of Virgin Forest Lom consists of typical forest community of Drinić mountain mostly (75%): beach-fir-spruce forest (Piceo-Abieti-Fagetum illyricum). It grows in amplitude of 1250-1420 m a.sea, on N & NW slopes of Lom-mountain. Because of geobotanical situation, on the border of illyric province, some species areas there touch their eastern border on this mountain.


Subalpine beach forest (Aceri-Fagetum subalpinum) covers 18 % of Virgin Forest Lom area. It is on similar expositure, on different slopes, in altitude of 1420-1522 m a.s. Important trees kind participation in this community has syca-more (Acer pseudoplatanus). The rest of 4% is covered by secondary community of fir-spruce forest ( Abieti - Piceetum,
1350 - 1470 m).

Parent rocks of the virgin forest lom are limestones. Because of that, relief of the Reservation is very distinctive, and somewhere hardly karsted too. Manu karst phenomenon are present. Although a limestone is a rock which does not keep water, and has underground hydrology, there are, there are two little springs, a few caverns (some of them with everlasting snow, whish had been commercially bold to ice-cream parlors in near cities.

The family of FUNGI, from the mushroom kingdom, clearly tells us that we see Virgin Forest.


Soils on limestone are, as usual, a dence mosaic of initial litosols, shallow humus soils (calcomelanosol), middle deep brown calcareous soils (calcocambisol) and deep illymerized lime soils (luvisol). This spectrum made of links which belong to the same genesis chain offers very large fan of growing-plant-conditions.


This adverting material has been prepared as a part of study “MANAGEMENT PLAN FOR FORESTS WITH SPECIAL DESTINATION IN STRICT NATURE RESERVATIONS JANJ AND LOM” (d Sc Zoran Maunaga and col.)

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