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The view of hunting house from the air.


Beside everything built up in the area of Veliko Vrelo they don’t give up. They build up roads and bring electricity to a Hunting house they build new sport terrain and starting to build bungalows ...


Newly built hunting house is settled in the ambient of forest of the thin white pine trees, 5 km away from Drinić and it is settled 950 meters above the see level. With its internal comfort and modern rooms (18 beds) it reminds more of a motel. There is an asphalt basketball and handball yard, and soon interesting types of games for the youngest population as the fresh cut road through the forest for running and a walk which show that soon we could have a air spa in this area. Right beside this area there is a top of the mountain Klekovača, which has been well known by the protected flower of edelweiss. In the deep forest of this mountain 1000 meters above the see level there are settlements of grouse and dark bear who’s catch always represented special hunter’s challenge. At the wider area of Klekovača and Oštrelj there is a jungle Lom of 300 yards and 15 km away from Drinić and it is under protection of the state. In this jungle vivsitors have the chance to see how the ancient trees pass away by standing up. Near by Drinić there are two location to raise wild pigs and to train hunting dogs.


Compound house (above), and bungalows under construction for guests (below).


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