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1.Geographic Location

The municipality of Petrovac -Drinić is located in the northwest part of BiH. The territory in its longest part borders the municipality of Bos. Petrovac in addition to the municipalities of Ključ, Ribnik, East Drvar and Drvar. The coordinates are 44°34`Latitude and 16° 23` Longitude, and it is 700 m above sea level. The area of the municipality is 136.48 km2, about 16 % of the pre-war municipality's 853 km2.

The area of Drinić is situated between the Una River to its west, the Sana river to its east, and the Unca river to the south. As the Sana and Unca rivers are tributaries of the Una, the area of the Petrovac Municipalities lie in the Una river basin territory.


The municipality was formed as a much needed solution to the basic needs of the residents of Serbian nationality who on September 14, 1995 had to flee from their homes and whose majority had temporarily lived in Derventa. Immediately after relocation to Derventa, a committee that tried to solve the most basic refugee problems was formed. After efforts for the bare minimal conditions of returning, 20 of the most daring already returned at the beginning of March 1996 to a demolished and ransacked Drinic, which in the Dayton Agreement fell to the Republic of Serbia. At the head of these brave people was the director of Forestry Management »Oštrelj-Drinić» Milanko Brkljač, who realized that for the refugee Serbs from Bos.Petrovca, the best option was to form a township in Drinić, so that in March 1998 the township was formed with the necessary Municipal administration.

In the beginning the problems were great; torched, ransacked, no electricity, running water, telephones, basic necessities, nearness of ENTITETSKE lines when crossing those lines was extremely risky, but great wishes and a greater will to return to their homes, they maintained their conviction and wishes to rebuild their homes and all that is necessary for life.

Work began on the reconstruction of homes and schools, renovation of the healthcare center, development of new facilities for the Municipal Administration Offices, post office, bank, Forestry and Farming administrative offices, police station, etc. which was the foundation of moving ahead with manufacturing capacities, afterwards commercial, hospitality and other facilities which arose from the need for satisfied residents.

In addition to the populated areas of Drinić, areas of Bunara as well as Bukovača belong to the Petrovac Municipality.


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