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Forest company “Oštrelj - Drinić” is the main generator for the development of municipaility Drinić. This company was the first to start the economy right after the return to the destroyed Drinić. By the good household of the forest this company achieved great results, which can be seen in the fast development of the municipality and the whole surrounding area. On the photo on the left there is a head ofice building of the company.
In the hunter’s association “Srndać” are decidable in the intention to use all the opportunities that the forest gives to make Drinić well known by this type of economic activity.

Industrial area


When it comes to sawmills there are two large ones and dozen of small seven. Mostly this disposal can do good to storage. Everything can be produced here, to be sawed here and after that to be sold as a building material. Except primary processing a lumber, some of sawmills are prepared for higher processing a lumber. It is include a section for drying and boil a tree etc. "Drvo-comerc" developed in biggest factory for processing a lumber. Using their own money, they built up a section for making briquettes. On that way, they fixed up a big problem with the sawdust. Most of people from this area are working in a lumber industry.


Tourism is an economy branch, which is to be developed in Drinić. The potential is great and beside the built Hunting house and infrastructure that follows the objects there is a plan to build up the motel with the greater accommodation capacity in the area of KLEKOVAČA.

In the area of KOZILA (picture below) which is settled behind Drinić there are perfect conditions to develop the mountain tourism. There is cultural-art manifestation on this area, named "Štraparijada", where the pairs of strong horses are competing in a pull the shackle.

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