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The local administration of the Petrovac Drinic municipality is organized thru the Municipal Board, the Municipality Administration and the Mayor. The Board has 11 board members, which, based on the foundation of their developmental plan, discuss, decide, and bring to resolution all the matters important for the life of their residents and development of the municipality.

President of the Municipality of Petrovac, at the constitutive session, in the hall of our municipality was held on Friday. 23rd November 2012. was chosen Jelena Kecman of SDS, while the vice-president appointed Dragan Romcevic from DNS. The Acting Secretary of parliament being Vera Jovanovic.
Petrovac Municipal Assembly has 11 members, and the assembly majority next four years will include SNSD with three, two with SDS and SP with one alderman, while the opposition bloc of four council members Friday DNS.
Ten days before the constitutive session, newly elected Mayor Drago Kovacevic, a candidate SNSD-SDP coalition, took over from the former Chief Dejan Prosica, who at previous elections, a candidate DNS.

The Chief of the municipality was chosen immediately after the 2004 Election and is concerned with carrying out the Boards decisions, but the execution of governmental functions is done thru the Municipal Administration which employs 12 employees. In addition to the Chief, the following positions are represented: Secretary of the Municipal Board, Financial Administrator, Cashier, Social & Veteran Administrator, Registrar, Public Inspector & Urban Development Administrator, Economic Administrator, Technical Secretary, 2 drivers, and one janitor.


- Information desk 050/480-361 petrovac@teol.net
- Community Petrovac 050/465-003  
- Mayor of community 050/465-001  
- Parish 050/480-065  
- Health station 050/465-006  
- Health station 050/465-007  
- Electrdistribution 050/465-021  
- Cadastre 050/465-024  
- HYPO Alpe Adria Bank 050/465-035 050/465-034, 050/465-810, 050/465-036
- Primary school 050/465-020  
- Municipal company 050/465-018  
- Police station 050/465-014  
- Post office Drinić 050/465-038  
- Forest company “Oštrelj-Drinić” ”, director 050/465-008  
- Forest company “Oštrelj-Drinić” 050/465-009  
- Forest company “Oštrelj-Drinić” 050/465-010  
- Forest company “Oštrelj-Drinić” 050/465-011 050/465-013, 050/465-012
- Health insurance fund 050/465-048  
- Veterans federation 050/465-015  
- Meteorology station 050/465-022  
- Telecom of Srpska 050/482-212  
- Citizen Identification Protection System (CIPS project) 050/480-649  
- Citizen Identification Protection System (CIPS project) 050/480-650  
- Cooperative 050/465-054 050/465-016
- Hunting house “Veliko vrelo” 050/480-711  

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