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In the dawn of March 1996. one of our teams with 23 participants headed towards Drinić. We fought through 17 hours over Ribnik, Vučje poljane, Bobija and Srnetica. In Ribnik we asked for a help from IFOR and they escorted us up to location called Vučja Poljana. IFOR escort left us there, because by their own rules they had to be back to the base before dark. We headed alone in the forest tractor fighting with snow and ice towards Dirnić. Road over mountain Bobija looked like the one from the story of Jack London and the time of the first American trappers. We arrived to Drinić quite late and we found what we expected to find. It was around 10 o’clock in the evening, moonlight and a heavy winter so the first thing we did was to report to IFOR forces at the separation line between two entities. After that we went back to Drinić and out of 153 houses we found only few of them more or less in one piece. In one of the houses we spent a night. Before we went to bed each of us went to visit his own house because we could not wait the dawn to see how Drinić looks like. We had no fear at all and what we saw was really scary. Almost everything was burnt down and what could not be burnt down was systematically destroyed. We found nothing in one piece so we went to the house where we were about to spend night very disappointed. We could not sleep because we were talking about conditions of our houses. We did not find anything except corps of dead domestic animals and one gravely silence that killed. The  death  ruled over  there and

Milanko Brkljač, an engineer of forestry, one of the founders of the fast development of Drinić and the leader of the group of twelve courageous ones
hopelessness. The next day we managed to visit our graveyard in the next village Bukovača that was left on the Federation side. There were weeds all over the area as far as the view could reach. The first thing we planned to do was to roof the houses and protect them from the further distraction. We started to cut woods right after our first arrival. We, foresters managed to organize very quickly because we did not have much of the equipment. Everything was left in Bosanski Petrovac. We had to bag in Banja Luka. We asked around the military camps, went around commissariats to get the blanket, bed, stove and some food to eat. With 200 dinar on the account we started to work and day after day the hope was growing bigger and bigger and we progressed more and more. There were more and more returnees and the new roofs on the houses started to bring joy to our eyes. There was a sound of the nail and the bricks started to build up and the life was coming back to Drinić. From ashes, really out of ashes, Drinić was built up where today most of visitors say that it went way to far and became a small town with everything necessary in the sense of that word.
Almost everything has been burnt down and what couldn’t be burnt was systematically destroyed.

Burnt houses and disappointed people

Destroyed school in Drinić


Houses systematically destroyed

Road to never


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