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Dear visitor,

Welcome to the official website of the Municipality Petrovac, whose main goal is to establish good communication to current or former residents of this place, our administrative service workers, and all those who are in any way related to Drinić and want to stay in touch with developments in akteulnim Gwinnett.
I also hope that you will, by visiting this site, the Drinić discover something new and interesting, and while I'm almost sure that you will be so convincing in its outstanding natural beauty and resources that Drinić has, on which it was due, and we are continuing to develop .
Its program of work based on the implementation of the policy of prosperity and a better future for the municipality of Petrovac. Citizens' needs can and must be addressed through stronger economic growth, effective engagement of all creative potential and recognition of our diversity.
The priority is to stabilize the situation in the municipality and to prevent further collapse of public companies and other institutions. In addition to efforts to solve elementary problems, such as social security, economic growth and improvement of water supply, the pledger for the further development of road infrastructure, the quality of the telephone connection and a inetrenet, and all will use its best efforts to live on the territory of our municipality to introduce 24-hourly police surveillance, to Drinićani feel safer.
On the other hand, the priority must be to support the development of tourism in the area of our municipality and to the marketing of our tourism potential, participation in various trade fairs, organization of tourist events in our country and responsible attitude towards nature and the environment.
Hopefully we will walk you through the basic information about your and our Drinić, the structure and operation of the municipal authorities and interesting events in the geneva animate to visit us and live, not just virtual. All your proposals, suggestions and criticisms are welcome, because this way we can also provide a faster and municipal progress and increasing the efficiency of our administrative services.

Mayor of Municipality
Drago Kovačević
Two kilometers before Bosanski Petrovac from the direction of Ključ a left turn leads to Drinić.
This air enriched with iodine is very welcomed by the people who have disorder in the functioning of the thyroid gland.
Drinić is a very small municipality at the end south – west of Republic of Srpska established after the signed Dayton peace agreement. It spreads at the area of 145 square kilometers and takes 17% of the former territory of Bosanski Petrovac municipality.

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