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Edelweiss (Leontopodinum alpinum) is a rarity and protected flower, not only for us, but also in all Europe. We can find them only on inaccessible mountain rocky cliff. Mountaineers often connect this flower with idea of untouchable nature (origin of a name - lat: alpinus = mountain). Edelweiss belongs to a family (lat: (Asteraeceae) with very visible and characteristic flower, which is the main characteristic of this plant. With his appearance, the flower is remind on lions paw (origin of name; Greece: leon=lion and podion = paw).


This rarity plant is making specially and unusually attraction of the mountain Klekovaca. Edelweiss is growing also on the mountains Kopaonik and Mučanj in Serbia, Durmitor, Sinjajevina and Prokletije in Monte Negro and Plješivica, Velebit, Dinara and Gorski kotar in Croatia.


Klekovača is a cruel mountain. The highest top is Velika Klekovača, height 1962m. There is virgin forest Lom between Klekovača and mountain Lunjevača. The big rocks along the top from Velika to Mala Klekovača characterize Klekovača. This mountain is very poor with a water springs. On mountaineers opinion Mala Klekovača is the most impressive area with cruel structure of the rocks.

In spite of his cruel, Klekovača offers visitors unique experience of smell white bloom of the bush hawthorn, pink flowers of wild roses and intoxicating smell pollen of a lonely white pine trees. The forest expert from Austria-Hungary monarchy notices this beauty. In the middle of 1906, the presidency of Zoology-botanic association in Vien asked for a part of Klekovača likes a separate and protects zone.


One of the mountaineer's paths to the top of Klekovača. Start of this path beginning from a village Podovi. This is settled down at the crossroad of the major road Petrovac - Drinić.


First of all, a natural worth's of Klekovača are competing in forests of beech, fir and spruce. This beautiful mountain has 306 types of mushrooms, more than 1000 plant's type, and 59 bird's type. Klekovača has the all elements of a national park. There is a strict natural reservation, wildness area, forest reservation, residence of rarity plant's type and beautiful landscapes.



Look on the Klekovača from Kozila.



During the Second World War there was the main partisan hospital deep in the forest of Klekovača. On that place (picture on the left), in Jasikovac, there is crypt in a memory of 226 partisans, died in that hospital. In a part of Klekovača, named Kuk, there is the monument in memory of 65 civil from Drinić and Bukovača. The civil was executed 1943. by the fascist.

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