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Srnetica today is a city that exists only in the hearts and minds of those who once lived there and who had to abandon this city when the narrow gauge train service was terminated.
To be exact in 1975 this picturesque and then very prosperous city lost its Ćiro (popularly called steam train) and with it its purpose for existence. The city that once was a very important junction lost its importance basically overnight with the introduction of a new standard gauge line. The removal of Ćiro and closure of the narrow gauge line meant sure “death” for Srnetica. But how quickly this thriving city disappeared from the map had been a great disappointment not only for Srnetica’s residents, but also for all those that liked this place. Srnetica’s residents, due to lack of employment, had to move out. They went to other places where they thought they could find jobs and very quickly Srnetica became a “Ghost Town”. Today, the old multistory buildings with their very modern apartments, the cinema, shops and schools do not exist anymore. Instead there are a few ruins that remind us there once was a thriving city full of children’s laughter.

Šipad, a forest company, established Srnetica for its workers just after WW I. This small city was established solely as a workers colony, but through time it grew and prospered. The narrow gauge line that ran through this city and connected Srnetica with the rest of the world was the main reason for the growth and the quality of the life. Back then Srnetica was a very important junction through which many trains passed daily. Here one line led to Prijedor, second to Strumica and third to Jajce. So whether you wanted to go to Zagreb, Belgrade or Sarajevo you could. Every half an hour a train would run through Srnetica. To live and work in Srnetica back then was very, very interesting.


In Srnetica we had a primary school, a bank, a post office, a cinema, many multi-story buildings, restaurants, pubs, a chemist etc. Basically everything our 2500 residents needed was available in Srnetica. If something was missing it was not hard to jump on the train and go to a nearby city to buy it there.


Unfortunately, Srnetica stagnated during WWII and many of its residents lost their lives, but after the war life in Srnetica improved once again. Again life here was blossoming. But unfortunately Srnetica “lived” only until late ‘70 of the last century. It disappeared rather quickly from the map. Today Srnetica does not exist, it lives only in minds of those who loved this small city and who can not accept that Srnetica does not exist anymore.


Today in Srnetica nobody lives; there is no train, there are no buildings there is nothing. But there are more and more of those who would like to see Srnetica again full of kids laughter, music and happiness. About 30 young men mostly descendants of ex-residents established Ecological Association “ Srnetica” with the main purpose to rebuild and protect Srnetica. They know there is a long and hard work in front of them but they are eager to try.


Members of Association “Srnetica” are: president Branko Runjić, vicepresidents Mato Brlek, Mile Tučić and Todor Marčeta. Other members are: Mile R. Marčeta, Mile Tučić, Branko Runjić, Ratko Macanović, Mišo Kecman, Rajka Simidžija, Mirko Rokvić, Milanko Brkljač, Jovo Kuridža, Ljilja Mitrović and Slaviša Sabljić. At the end lets just say that although today there is nothing in Srnetica and that in front of us is a very long journey we strongly believe that Srnetica will exist once more. If you want to become a member of this association or perhaps help these hardworking people to reach their dream please do not hesitate to contact them on: 0038765203577 and/or vesnik@teol.net. Any help would be gladly appreciated. Thank you for taking time to read about our city.

One of the former residents who remember Srnetica as it was back then is Mr. Janko Radulovic. He remembers Srnetica from better and happier times, from times when children’s laughter was mixing with the cheerful noise of old steam trains. His stories are very interesting not just for the descendants of former Srnetica residents, but for all of us who like that old bygone era. The time when people knew how to live stress free and happy lives.In Srnetica, says Mr. Radulović, lived many different people.. There was a Slovenian, Mr. Petric, who was a very good dressmaker. He made such beautiful suits and dresses. Many people from different cities would come to him to make a dress, a blouse or something else. Nobody was as good as he. He had 4 sons: Carl, Gustave, Tonchy and Frenk who established the first orchestra in Srnetica. Also I remember our shoemaker Mr. Jozo Lastva. Then there was Vaso, a railway manager who was the only person who had a gramophone and who used to wind it up and put it on the window of his room. We kids as well as adults would listen to the music. Back then, all of us wished to have that nice gramophone at our home, but we did not have money to afford it.
To talk about Srnetica and not to mention Korzo – a promenade, is not possible. Every night young men and women would walk up and down. It was a place where young people would meet and talk. The kids as well as older generations loved to sit and look at these young and fashionable men and women.

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