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- natural resources (forest, constructive gravel, sand, quality drinking water, agricultural fields and pastures),
- resources and conditions for produce a healthy food,
- favorable surroundings for development little and middle firms,
- favorable conditions for development of rural, hunting, healthy, sports and recreations tourism,
- ecology healthful environment
- favorable surroundings for the domestic and foreign investment
- relative cheap workers


- shortage of the workers with specific qualified,
- a little number of the young employment cadre,
- shortage of contents for the young people,
- a weak inform of the population and the public, because of shortage a domestic information system,
- shortage of the high-quality managers,
- a low ecological culture and bad management with waste materials,
- a low personal consumption,
- a weak development of a solicitous activity,
- shortage of the space plan (urbanistic and regulation plan)

- discontented of the municipal infrastructure


- development of lumber industry,
- intensify to be of using of the agricultural field,
- milk and meat production,
- development of trade, hotels and tourism,
- gathering and packaging of medicinal herbs,
- fruit’s productions, and
- development of apiculture


- bad political climate in the BiH and encirclement,
- bad demography picture,
- weak a rate population growth,
- inadequate a system of education,
- bad a telecommunications connections, and
- inadequate road network and connections with the Republika Srpska

On the basis of soc.-economy and swot analysis, the vision of development of Municipality of the Drinić in next 5 years, could be defined in next way:
The middle developed local community, spacious organized with encirclement good connection, ecological recognized and demography's open.

The soc.-economy and swot analysis and also a vision of the development of municipality of the Drinić refer us, which is the main straight of development from the aspect human and natural resources.

1.-development of a local infrastructure and communications
2.-development of a lumbers industry
3.-development of the agricultural production
4.-development of the tourism
5.-development of the local administration
6.-development of the cultural and sports activity
7.-advancement of the young people and NVO status
8.-advancement of social insurance and health cares


The Territory of Petrovac Township represents one of the richest forested territories in the Republic of Serbia as well as BiH. About 90% of the Municipality's surface, or 12,902 ha, are located here in the high forested mountains. With natural regeneration, this represents the most meaningful economic and developmental resource. Forestry is the most elemental economic branch and absorbs the greatest number of currently employed workers.

The next resource of significance is agricultural land: 620 ha of the 5th and 6th Class, 420 ha of the 7th and 8th Class, and 544 ha of unfertile land. There are plenty of pastures favorable for raising livestock in the 5th and 6th class parcels.

The forests are managed by »Srpske šume» RS, and the Forestry Management Firm »Oštrelj-Drinić». The lumber industry is currently in the primary phase of lumber processing, which has developed STARTED into 8 sawmills, two of which produce a capacity of 15,000-30,000 cubic meters of product per year.

The territory of Drinić has a great basis for fruit and honey export, along with gathering, exporting, and processing of medicinal herbs, which should also with some assistance of the Agricultural Committee be marketed with intensity.

Like any valuable resource in the territory, wildlife (wolves, foxes, grouse) exists in the adjacent forests and the 16 occupant Hunter's Lodge located in Veliko Vrelo offers good hunting for gamesmen.

Also, the forested mountains in Klekovača has shown to be rich in iodine rich air which has shown to be very beneficial to those with compromised thyroid glands, therefore introducing a possibility for the development of the health spa tourism industry.

All non economic activity which are unfolding in the municipality have become and are developing along with the formation of the municipalities directly as leaders and coordinators of all the economic and non economic activities in the municipality. Along with the administration which has been organized in a unified entity municipal administration, are important segments of life as a whole in the municipality are: the Drinic healthcare center, the Drinic Elementary School, the police station, Hypo-Alpe-Adria bank, PTT RS (Republic of Serbia Post Office), Republic's Survey and Landowner's Rights office, health insurance administration, Republic of Serbia's telecom office, the RS tax office, the RS weather station, the Municipality's Red Cross organization and the following non-government organizations: the veterans organization, the youth organization LET», the sports club, the hunters association »SRNDAĆ» and the association or retired persons.



The territory of the Petrovac municipality is connected to the Bihać-Jajce-Sarajevo highway, with an asphalt paved road which is 7 km long. It goes through the village of Drinić and continues up to the Hunter's Lodge at Veliko Vrelo for another 7.5 km. From Veliko Vrelo toward the southwest the road winds through the woods for 15 km and comes out at Runić at the Bos.Petrovac-Drvar highway. East of Drinić, approximately 3 km away lays the logging site Kozila from which the road begins toward Srnetica (formerly the site of the train station and work settlement) and continues east-northeast toward Wolf Meadow and Ribnik township where it connects to the Bihac-Sarajevo highway, 5 km east of Ključ. Toward the north from the Gavrić village over the Srnetica mountains the highway exits out of Jasenovac, for approximately 12 km back to the Bihac-Sarajevo highway which is about 15 km east of Bos. Petrovac.

The populated areas of the municipality are tied together with approximately 10 km of local roadways. The closest train station is currently in Ripač, within Bihać city limits, a distance of about 60-65 km, and the closest airport is in Banja Luka, which is about 130 km away from Drinić.


Momentarily, the status of telecommunications is such that landlines and mobile lines exist, however the connections are very unreliable. The municipality is connected with Telecom RS aka CLL network. This type of connection is not fit to support the Internet reliably at this time.


The electric grid is in very poor condition. The main source of electricity comes from the Bos. Petrovac municipality via the Elektrodistribucija Bos.Petrovac division of the public utility company «Slapovi na Uni» Bihać. From the transformer in Lower Bišcan to the calculated place at the territory's border, approximately 10 kilometers of high voltage lines are in poor condition since they've been built 10 years ago. From the supply center to the center of Drinić a new 110 KV long distance power line as well as a new transformer station have been built. In the entire municipality the low voltage network is also in poor condition, however reconstruction is in the developmental phase. Reconstruction of the villages Špirića, Savuljević i Kecman Valley are scheduled for completion by the end of this year. Reconstruction of the entire grid is scheduled for completion within the next couple of years. All the newly constructed factories currently have a regular supply of electricity, but for the future and for higher demand, it is necessary to rebuild high voltage lines before anything else from Lower Bišcan to the border.



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