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At the entrance to Drinić there is a monument for the fighters of the Second World War, of a very interesting look and interesting artistic idea from the seventies of the last century. Right beside this imposing monument there is a memorial board of the victims of fascism terror of this area.
Beside this historical holiness, parallel to the road there is one more not less holier “Memorial house” for the killed soldiers of Petrovac municipality. This wonderful house is memory to all soldiers of Petrovac brigade from the last civil war who gave their lives for the altar of freedom because without it there would not be Drinić.  



Internal surrounding of the “Memorial house” in Drinić.

Recently a church of a Holly Triple has been built which fits in perfectly to the existing ambient. This object has been built by the help of the Greek government and this brotherhood people to us.

Protector of Drinić is a Saint Luka who they celebrate each 31.of October.

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