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The municipality of Drinic is rich with fresh water streams. During the summer these streams are not as strong as at Spring when the snow melts, but still Drinic is never without water. The hardworking residents knew that one of the most important factors for a city to expand and attract more people is availability of the water. For that reason they accumulated all these streams and now Drinic always has fresh water. This water is one of the best in the world and while people in many countries have to go to shop to buy water, here in Drinic we just turn on the tap and the best and most important liquid in our lives is available to us free of charge. Although the water is fresh and drinkable straight from the streams and springs, the water corporation “UZOR” checks and controls the water quality constantly.

Near village of Bukovaca there are a few small streams where yabbies live. These pictures are taken from one of these locations.
Yabbies are small edible freshwater crayfish that belong to family Astacidae. There are four different types of these ten-legged yabbies. They live only in ecologically clean waters, so their existence in Bukovac’s streams is clear indication that these waters are unpolluted and safe for use. Unfortunately, today there are less and less rivers that have these little crabs for its inhabitants. Due to many factors, many waters are polluted and no little yabbies can live in them. Furthermore, unless people change their attitude towards flora and fauna less and less animals, insects, etc. will inhabit this beautiful planet of ours. We in Drinic are trying to protect our wild animals, our flora and fauna. How successful we are, you will be able to judge if you see our streams full of yabbies, our forests full of many rare flowers and animals.

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